Liberty Mobility prides itself in providing pre-owned power wheelchairs, power mobility scooters and parts to those who cannot afford or do not have the insurance to cover the high expense of a new power wheelchair/scooter, or the replacement parts needed to repair their existing chair or scooter.

How we do this is quite simple -

We acquire pre-owned power  wheelchairs/scooters from individuals or organizations that no longer have a use for them.  These power chairs and scooters are left sitting unused in storage areas, garages, basements, etc., not doing what they are intended to do, which is help people who need them.  We then determine if the power device would be better served as a whole unit or for pre-owned parts.  The parts from these devices are then taken off for our inventory and resold to the many people who are looking for a particular part for their power chair/scooter at a reasonable price.  Or, if the power chair/scooter is in excellent condition, we will make that device available to people who cannot afford a new power chair or scooter.  Many of these chairs/scooters would be disposed of at the local dump or landfill.

Because of what we do, every part of these used chairs and scooters what we can recycle, will be recycled, which in turn is also helping our environment.  

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