Sunrise Jay GS Gel Seat Cushion for Wheelchair 18" x 18"D (JFUSION1818) #i751

  • $ 237.15

Jay GS Gel Seat Cushion for Wheelchair 21" x 21"D (JFUSION1818)

CUSHION SIZE : 18" Wide x 18" Deep

In Excellent / Near Mint Condition* 

The Jay GS Cushion has a contoured foam base with a fluid insert that help to promote proper stability and skin protection to long-term cushion user. The contours of the foam base can be changed and adapted to assure the highest level of support surface. The fluid insert adds a layer of gel between the bony areas on the body and the cushion contact points to reduce the risk of skin breakdown. 

What Makes This Different:

The contoured foam base of the Jay GS is capable of adapting and "growing" as the customer's needs change. The base consists of multiple pelvic loading area inserts that are attached by Velcro. As you grow or adapt, these inserts can be removed one by one to assure proper stability and posture support as changes occur.

Why We Like It:

The Jay GS has a layer of 3DX spacer fabric that promotes airflow for additional skin protection and allows greater flow between the surface and the interior of the cushion, decreasing heat and moisture which can lead to mold. The outer stretch cover utilizes Ionic+™ fiber to naturally inhibit bacterial growth and can provide assistance to those managing incontinence and helps to protect the foam base from excess moisture and mildew.

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